Student Not Customer

Right now, the easy answer to cover losses and higher costs is to raise tuition, or charge more for a product that isn't as effective.

Online learning isn't the instructors fault, and we know it is challenging for them. The model for post secondary education is not the same as the model of a business. Similar, yes, but not the same.

We need to spend money to make money (or invest) in our education in order to gain the skills and knowledge to make money later in life. WE ALL UNDERSTAND THAT. But when the budgets of the institution get impacted by cuts, pandemic, or other external factors, this cost should not be the full burden of the student to bear. This is how it's always been, but it's not how it needs to be. With proper entrepreneurial mindset, institutions could do a much better job of buffering the price of tuition no matter the external factors.

The model is not to transfer cost to the investor, otherwise the investor stops investing. The model needs to be to mitigate cots and deliver return on investment. Otherwise #wewontpay.

15% of every "Student Not Customer" product go toward establishing the first Boost Institute Scholarship for graduating high school students who demonstrate financial need.