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ULU is Uluntu (Humanity)•Lungisa (Justice)•Usawa (Equity).

We pledge to advocate, learn & teach

The Boost Institute is excited to partner with ULU to offer a variety of products that are meaningful and impactful, with many products being fulfilled in Canada. We are proud to have 100% of profits going to ULU to fund their projects. Click their logo above to visit their page and learn more about who they are and what they do!

ULU is an organization that has made a pledge to use the following core values: respect, humility, dignity, unity and love to strive to learn, educate and empower. Humanity to us is about leaving nobody behind and no one person walking ahead. We believe in strength in numbers. Justice represents standing up for what is right no matter the consequence is. “By any means necessary” – Malcolm X. Equity means we aim to support the needs of one another by providing the necessary resources tailored to each individual to level the playing field to provide equal chance and opportunity to be successful. Our people have struggled for centuries and now it’s
time we change that narrative. We are the gateway to change and hold many opportunities, now it is up to us to do something with our privilege.